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Our Story

We really are all about the peace, love & babywearing.

Our Story

Hello!  I'm Beth.  I’m a mum to 4 children, all of whom have been carried using a sling/carrier.  Since starting Love To Be Natural almost 6 years ago, I have undertaken the most awesome challenge - taking the knowledge and skill I had as a baby carrying mummy, and turning it into something which would allow me to help other parents and care givers start or even continue, their own baby carrying journey.

Professional Training

I'm now a Trageschule UK Certified Babywearing Consultant and a Slingababy Consultant, and a fully insured member of the British Association of Babywearing Instructors (BABI). I was very lucky to be a participant in the very first Trageschule UK Foundation Course that took place in March 2011.

Having successfully completed this course, I knew that my passion for carrying my own babies and spreading the babywearing love would lead me directly to the Trageschule UK Advanced Course, which I participated in and completed successfully in August 2012. I became a fully certified Trageschule UK consultant in March 2013.  In August 2014 I completed the Slingababy Consultant training too. 

It's a family thing

It's A Family Thing

My husband is the other half of Love To Be Natural.  He’s also a Trageschule UK trained Baby Carrying Consultant, baby carrying daddy, and our very own web developer and designer.

So everything you see, from the design of the website, to the choice of carriers, has been undertaken by us, a family with extensive knowledge, understanding and love of baby carrying.

Giving Back

In 2010 Beth founded Babywearing NI, a free resource for parents all across the Province, providing slingmeets, sling library, help and advice. Now in its fifth year, the group continues to provide support and advice to parents and caregivers.

We are also proud to support the Up Project.

Thought & Care

To compliment our extensive training, we have one of the largest and finest selections of baby carriers in the world ranging from buckle carriers to woven wraps.

Our products are thoughtfully and carefully sourced, using only suppliers whose ethics and manufacturing policies reflect our own visions of a fair-trade and environmentally responsible world.


To our customers both at home and all over the world, thankyou for your continued support and custom.

Baby Carrying - it’s what we do, but more importantly, it's what we love. ♥

Beth x

Mummy of 4, Baby Carrying Consultant, & Owner of Love To Be Natural.

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