The Wrap Process

Do you like woven wraps?

Have you tried or used a woven wrap?

If you haven’t, would you like to?

If you didn’t like them, what was it that you didn’t like?

I love woven wraps.  Fact.  Did I always love woven wraps?  Erm, well, not love no.  It was more a determination to make them work.  And as I learned how they work, I grew to love them dearly.

The feel in hand straight out of the box, all folded sweetly and precisely.

The anticipation as they dry.  Then, like the smashing of champagne on a new cruise liner, the inaugural steam iron.

Wrapping is such a sensory experience.  

To the eye, it’s a feast of colour, texture and design.  

Touch. The soft feel of the fabric running though your hand. Your fingers, exploring the texture, finding the hemmed edges.  Feeling your technique as you learn to adjust the fabric, learn how it moves and how it acts.

Sound.  Listening to your baby jibber jabber whilst you hmmpphh and harrumph your way through your wrap job.  The eventual wrap silence that happens when you can FWCC in 30 seconds.  10 seconds after that, the silence is sweetly broken by the heart melting snuffles of your sleeping darling.

Smell.  The top of your baby’s head.  It is all good things.  It is perfection.

As in life, wrapping is as much about the journey as the destination.  There will always be techniques to hone, carries to try.  

The journey is fun.  Oh yes, you’ll drag your tails in a muddy puddle; more than once.  You’ll forget that a tunic and tights is a bad idea, when you’ve finished wrapping and you realise your tunic’s tucked into the wrap. 

But it’s all good.  Really good.

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