Grimms Wooden Toys

Well, Halloween has passed, so there's no denying (however much I might want to) that it's THAT time of year again.  Ok, so it's been THAT time of year again since late August, when we all went shopping and BAM! the aisles were lined with mince pies and choccy boxes *le sigh*. a child the word can fill you with a quiverful joy that leaps in your heart.  As a parent, it can leave you with a fearful, jelly-like feeling in the pit of your being.  

As parents ourselves, we don't consider Grimm's as toys.  They're gifts - a gift to the eye in the bold colours; a gift in the hand, so tactile and soothing; and a gift to the imagination.  They are shape, they are colour. Everything else comes from within, from the heart, from the head - dictated by mood, developmental stage and fleeting, whimsical yet profound dreams and desires.  They are one thing one day, and something completely different the next.  They are exactly what your child wants them to be or needs them to be at any time.  

What do they do?  They don't do anything.  They are colour, they are shape.  It's what your child does with them that is amazing. 

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