Isara Baby CarrierPhoto 1: The Isara Baby Carrier

Back in January, I wrote our first Isara blog post.  You can tell from this post, that we really like this carrier, and why we like it.

This post is a photo story-board of why we like it.  We had some truly awesome help in the shape of our 26 month old (who models the standard/baby size & toddler size size), and our 4.5 year old (just the toddler size for this chap!).


The baby sized carrier can be seen in all the front-carrying photos.  The key feature of the Isara is adjustability - both the baby & toddler can be adjusted in the width of the main panel, and the height.  You’ll see what we mean in the photos.

So, to the baby/standard size carrier…..(brief fact - suitable from 4 weeks upwards & available in wrap conversion & printed fabric versions). In the first 3 photos, we’re using the print fabric version.

The seat is at its widest (it narrows along a velcro strip on the waistband, away from baby).  The webbing adjusters at the shoulder are at full extension (see photo 3).  Unlike most buckle carriers, they are actually fixed from the shoulder strap, down onto the main panel, that’s why the panel can be shortened.  Basically, it’s as big as it can be.


Isara Baby CarrierPhoto 2: The Isara Baby Carrier


Isara Baby CarrierPhoto 3: Notice the webbing adjusters


We have the same setup on the next 4 photos  - carrier panel at full height and width, this time, using the wrap conversion carrier.  You can really see the nice, soft positioning and generous size offered by the baby sized carrier (oh, and we’ll see it in use with a very young baby in the next blog post!). The last photo here shows the crossed straps on the back (we love this option), you can also choose to use rucksack shoulder straps.


Isara Baby CarrierPhoto 4.


Isara Baby CarrierPhoto 5.


Isara Baby CarrierPhoto 6.


Isara Baby CarrierPhoto 7. Check out the cross straps!


So that’s the baby sized carrier.  Suitable from about 4 weeks upwards (yes, it definitely is, and we’ll show this in the next blog post <3).  Now this baby is 26 months old, and she’s still well supported through the bottom, legs, and knees, and right up the back.  This doesn’t mean that it will fit all 26 month olds.  It does show how adjustable it is, and what a good fit it can be, even with bigger babies.



The next set of photos shows the toddler carrier in use with a 4.5 year old.  The toddler is suitable from around 10 months up. Here, the carrier is at full extension, so the width & height of the main panel are fully extended, no cinching or narrowing.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 8.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 9.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 10.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 11.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 12.


It’s a good fit.  A really good fit, for both chid and wearer.

The first 5 photos show the printed toddler carrier, and the last 3 show the toddler wrap conversion.

The last set of toddler wrap conversion photos show how adjustable the toddler carrier is (and the baby works in exactly the same way!). It fits well at the back and at the legs, even on this 4.5 year old!


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 13.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 14.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 15.


The last 6 photos show the toddler carrier in use with a 26 month old.  The waist band has been narrowed a bit (see the last photo), and the shoulder webbing pulled right down.  The carrier now fits this toddler completely.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 16.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 17.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 18.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 19.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 20. Notice the folded top.


Isara Toddler CarrierPhoto 21.


So that’s the toddler carrier.  Suitable from around 10 months and up.  At this age, the waistband is likely to need fully, or almost fully adjusted to it’s narrowest.  All that means is, the velcro is separated and the fabric on the waistband moved towards the middle, from the left and right.  Simple, effective. 


Yet, there’s no real compromise……no extra diggy bits or fandangled complicated stuff; it’s simple, and clever;  it’s soft, it’s neat, it’s adjustable. 

Want to see all the little details?  Check out all the details of the Isara Baby Carrier [here] & the Isara Toddler Carrier [here].

If you've any questions please do get in touch!



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