The Neobulle Evolu'bulle

This week it’s all about mei tai style carriers - padded shoulder, wrap-strap shoulder, combo-style, oh and half buckles too.

You know, comedy is just not my strong suit……Should have used this term yesterday ;-)

Let’s ‘hopp’ to it (did you see what I did there?!) and get to part three!

Today’s post is all about the Neobulle Evolu’bulle. A fairly new to the scene mei tai, this model is version 3, the most up-to-date edition.

If you've not read parts 1 and 2, you can find part 1 about the Didytai here, and part 2 about the Hop Tye here.


  • ♥ Made from 100% cotton - more specifically, Neobulle woven wrap fabrics.
  • ♥ Cinches down at the ‘seat’ using velcro.  But not the sort of shoe-caliber-turns-out-at-the-edges sort.  It’s strong and super-reliable  - a bit like the carrier itself.
  • ♥ The Evolu’Bulle has dual style shoulder straps.  this means they are padded from the main panel and over the shoulder.  They then flare out to wrap strap style straps.  So you have padded support across the shoulder, then the advantages of wrap-style straps around baby’s bottom and knees.
  • ♥ The Evolu’Bulle also has a padded waist - padded along the waist section, and the tie sections are unpadded.
  • ♥ Available in 4 self-coloured options.

The Neobulle Evolu'bulle

 So here is the Evolu’Bulle Anthracite being used to carry a big boy of 3 years & 5 months.  Here’s what’s important:

♥ As we’ve spread the shoulder passes over the bottom and underneath each leg, his ‘seat’ reaches from knee to knee.  Although knee to knee is not essential at this age, it may well be vastly more comfortable for many toddlers and children.  This can be particularly important if your child only wants carried when they have already reached ultimate tiredness - their legs will feel heavy already. 

♥ In the last photo below, you can see that the carrier actually reaches from one knee pit to the other, without using the wrap-straps.  I still like to spread the straps across this particular baby’s thighs and bottom, because I know he likes the extra support, and feels more comfortable with his knees as lifted as they can be.

♥ The carrier stretches all the way up his back.  It was actually too far up his back for his comfort and he would have preferred the top zip section to be lowered a bit if we had been going out for a walk.

The Neobulle Evolu'bulle


The Evolu’Bulle will allow you to carry your newborn and your child, without a doubt.  It doesn’t quite give the ‘wrapped’ snuggly feel of the Didytai, and it’s not quite as light as the Hop-Tye, but it’s so multifunctional that these points can surely be forgiven. If you’re carrying a newborn, you’ll need to figure out what size is good for you - you can cinch the seat, cinch the sides, unzip and rollaway the extension panel and cinch in the panel right behind the neck.  Totally worth it though if you want one carrier to do everything.

Are you considering a mei tai as your carrying option?  If you are, then yay!  Do you have any questions?  Ask us!  No-one knows our carriers better than we do!

Have you already purchased a mei tai, and have a question about using it, or caring for it?  If you do, just ask!  Whether you purchased it from us or not, we love to help ♥

Happy baby carrying!

Beth x

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