RIng Slings

So that was Halloween - I love to think that I'm a sit-and-watch-without-blinking sort of Halloween movie viewer.  But in truth, I will always spend more time behind a cushion (or even the sofa) than I will watching the movie itself.

But I do so love this time of year - crisp, evening walks - the air slightly misty and atmospheric. Carrying your baby on those cosy autumn evening walks, all snuggled up is just the best - better than any other time of year.....it's like carrying a snuggle and your very own hot water bottle all at once!  How to carry the little one I hear you say?  In a ring sling I say!  Babies and toddlers will be able to snuggle in, but as you can carry on your hip, they'll be able to peek out to see what's going on.  Just watch you don't drop toffee apple on their heads.

Best wishes,


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