Girasol Mysol

So, you love a carrier with a bit of structure.  It makes life quicker and easier.

You’re a parent.  Quicker and easier is good.  Your little one is developing fast, and they have no patience for any new fangled wrap-trickery.  Oh, I hear you there!

So, you have that buckle carrier.  It’s great.  You just wished it was slightly softer and more mouldable.  More than that, the Krypton-factor back strap is your nemesis.

But what if a teensy bit less structure and speed allowed you super adjustability, and your little one super-mouldable positioning.

I give you the Girasol Mysol. A full wrap conversion mei tai. 

Girasol Mysol

It’s a mei tai style carrier.  It has a padded waist, and narrow, padded shoulder straps (just like your buckle).  So it feels neat & quick to adjust.

Comfort - MySol Carriers are made from two layers of woven wrap fabric that nestle around your baby like a second skin whilst providing optimum support - remember, knees up, bottom down!  

Style - MySol Carriers may be worn with either side facing out – so really, it's two carriers in one!  You can wear your Mysol on the front or on the back.

You're really going to love the design:

♥ The width of the seat can be cinched down so it's perfect for newborns and smaller babies.  

♥This clever carrier is also super suitable for your baby as they grow as the body section can be extended to accommodate your free-growing baby - very cool!

♥ Lots of little extras that make this carrier not just good but excellent.

♥ An integrated sleep hood (also fully adjustable).

♥ Padded shoulder straps and waist belt.

♥ A chest belt for use when back carrying.

♥ A hip bag for carrying your keys and wallet - babywearing made easy! 

♥ Each Mysol comes in a handy matching storage bag. 

Designed with thought and made with love, each Mysol is hand-woven and sewn by skilled artisans in Guatamala under fair-trade conditions - Babywearing with love and conscience ♥  


Waist - 205 cm; Shoulder Straps - 175 cm; Body Panel - 44 x 44 cm (52 cm inc waist).

Not only that, but you can also purchase the Mysol Half Buckle Belt.  Yup, it does exactly what it sounds like it does.  Remove the Mysol padded met tai waist belt, and insert the half buckle belt and voila!!  You now have a Half Buckle Carrier.  Super duper when you start to use your Mysol to back carry <3 <3

Are you considering a mei tai as your carrying option?  If you are, then yay!  Do you have any questions?  Ask us!  No-one knows our carriers better than we do!

Have you already purchased a mei tai, and have a question about using it, or caring for it?  If you do, just ask!  It doesn’t matter if you purchased it from us or not, we love to help :-)

Much love, and happy baby carrying!

Beth x

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