Mamalila Allweather Softshell Cover

Brrrrrrr.  That's how November sounds in my ears.  October is full of harvest promise and the long slow lingering end of warmer days is still in memory.  November arrives and there's a tangible change overnight.  It's colder, it's darker.  The leaves no longer bluster around your tramping feet - they squelch and ooze underfoot like a slimy mass just willing you to slip and slide.  And the sun.....trying to recall its warmth on your face, it's like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.

But, no sense in complaining ;-) Spring will be here soon enough.  We just need to weather the damp in the meantime.  And it's the damp weather that always chills to the bone.  So if you stay toasty together, then check out the Mamalila Allweather Cover - it keeps out the damp, chilling rain and wind, but allows you to layer down or wear your favourite coat whenever you want.

Cozy together and all snuggled up.  Even better - your little one is dry, dry, dry!

Use this cover when front carrying & back carrying.  It fits and adjusts over baby quickly and easily, offering a very snug fit to keep baby dry. A removeable hood keeps baby protected in the rain. Once on, the cover can be cinched in at the sides to make the fit even more snug. 

The Softshell Cover is rainproof and windproof, just like the Allweather Jacket, and has extra high breathability keeping baby comfy all the time.  It has a soft layer of fleece on the inside for snug cosiness. Pockets at the side make it handy for on-the-go-ness - think keys, phone, wallet, or to keep your hands warm!

Available in black with blue trim or red with black trim.

This is a super-easy to use & adjust babywearing cover ♥

Mamalila Allweather Softshell Cover

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