Mamalila Wool Hooded Babyearing Coat

Hi Everyone!

At last, the cold weather has arrived!  Who doesn’t love a Winter Wonderland of frosty mornings, watching your breath travel slowly through the cold air as if it too, can feel the chill.

But this weather……this weather is not fun.  It’s not little red Robin perched on a post cold.

We live on a damp island just a stones throw from the Arctic circle.  It’s damp.  Really cold & damp.  

The sky is sitting 3 inches above your head, for what feels like forever.  You feel like you have’t been properly dry in an age.  You feel like the cold is actually radiating from inside your marrow.

It’s like you you’ve been caught in a chapter from Hound of the Baskervilles, just minus the big beastly dog.

Now I’m no Sherlock, but even my powers of deduction lead me to a most stylish conclusion!

It’s the Mamalila Hooded Wool Coat.

Let me start by saying this coat is amazing.  Amazing quality, amazing style, amazing warmth.

It’s totally windproof yet totally breathable.  Awesome!

The Mamalila Wool Hooded Babywearing Coat is a super-stylish, super-versatile coat, allowing you to look really good, together.

Your Wool Coat can be used during pregnancy, when baby carrying (on the front & back) or even without a baby (it looks AMAZING like this <3)! 

If you want to know more about the Mamalila Hooded Wool Coat, you can see it [here].

Or have a question about it, email me [here].  I LOVE answering your questions. <3 

Have a great day!


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