Fidella Onbu


The Onbu is slowly gaining popularity here in the UK.

So what is an Onbu?  It’s a carrier designed for back carrying - kind of like a rucksack, you ‘wear’ it just like a ruck sack, with your arms through the shoulder straps.

It’s kind of neat - like actually neat - it folds down to a very small package.  You see, there’s no waistband……no foam, no padding, no waistband at all.  It adjusts through the webbing under the arms.

Now, the Fidella Onbu is neat and it’s pretty pretty (their woven wrap fabrics are just delicious!).

It’s designed to be used with babies from 10kg-30kg, so really, we’re talking older babies who can sit completely unaided.

They really rock when your toddler (or even older child) has had enough feet-to-the-street and wants up.  Just up, and right now!  The Onbu is fuss free and fitted our 3.5 year old with ease.

No fiddly waistband, just arms through the shoulder straps and clip the chest buckle.

An awesome option too if you’re pregnant and carrying.

On a personal note, the reason I like it so much, was the lack of waistband meant it was easier to achieve a secure yet high back carry with an inquisitive little one who must see everything you do ♥

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