The Hop Tye

This week it’s all about mei tai style carriers - padded shoulder, wrap-strap shoulder, combo-style, oh and half buckles too.

So here is part two - the small yet mighty Hop Tye.  If you've not read Part 1 (about the Didytai) you can do so here.

The Hop Tye - Super-Brief Details ♥

♥ Made from cotton.

♥ Cinches down at the ‘seat’ using a toggley-type thing.

♥ Has wrap-strap style shoulder straps (so they are wide).

♥ Available in oodles of different colours & designs.

The Hop Tye

So here is Hop Tye Agadir being used to carry a big boy of 3 years & 5 months.  Here’s what’s important:

♥ As we’ve spread the shoulder passes over the bottom and underneath each leg, his ‘seat’ reaches from knee to knee.  Although knee to knee is not essential at this age, it may well be vastly more comfortable for many toddlers and children.  This can be particularly important if your child only wants carried when they have already reached ultimate tiredness - their legs will feel heavy already.

♥ The carrier stretches a good way up his back, not quite to the top, but certainly far enough up.


The Hop Tye is one of the most budget priced wrap strap mei tai.  It’s not going to have the longevity of a Didytai or Flytai.  Perhaps you don’t need it to though - so if you don’t, it’s a fabulous, lightweight little carrier.  As the fabric is more lightweight and the over all size slightly smaller than some, you’ll need to be a little more precise  when wrapping a bigger baby in it.  Make sure their bottom is right in the very middle of the carrier, and really spread those wrap-straps under baby’s leg and over their bottom.

Are you considering a mei tai as your carrying option?  If you are, then yay!  Do you have any questions?  Ask us!  No-one knows our carriers better than we do!

Have you already purchased a mei tai, and have a question about using it, or caring for it?  If you do, just ask!  Whether you purchased it from us or not, we love to help ♥

Much love, and happy baby carrying!

Beth x

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