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Ring Slings - helpful hints

Now, I did say that we’ve always loved ring slings.  When I say ‘we’, it’s actually the Royal ‘we’ (in this instance), as my partner-in-sling-fun (and DH) did not always love the ring sling.  He’s a Carrying Consultant himself, so I’m sure he won’t mind me telling all you all that it wasn’t love at first use.  

When at first he didn’t get it, he gave up.  Fair enough, as I did this too. But with a little gentle persuasion and some very good advice he soon found the ring sling love.

There are a few things to remember that will really help you adjust your ring sling really well, so that it’s safe and comfortable for both baby and you.

♥ Once you’ve threaded the fabric through the rings, spread the width of the fabric out.  Using your index finger and middle finger to spread the fabric out so that you can see all the colours and ensure that there are no folds or overlapped sections.  This will allow the fabric to run smoothly through the rings.

♥ Start with your ‘pouch’ sized for your baby as much as possible.  Starting with a great big pouch just gives you a lot more fabric to work and adjust.  Starting with it as neat as you can gives you less fabric to work through.

♥ Once you have the ring sling on, move the rings up and back - you want to start with them a good bit higher than where you want them to end up.

Use the pouch to set the seat - call it a perch, a rope, a band, use it by setting it behind baby’s knees, in a straight line from one knee to the other.  This helps create that nice deep seat that you want.

Only walk just enough fabric up baby’s back to reach the top.

When adjusting the fabric (either up baby’s back or through the rings), always lift baby’s weight - imagine you’re doing the robot dance - your arm is bent at the elbow so that your forearm is in a horizontal line and parallel with baby’s bottom.  Take baby’s weight with your forearm.  Lifting baby’s weight with arm allows you to adjust the fabric through the rings with much greater ease.

Always work any excess fabric towards the rings.

Try to just the excess fabric through the rings in as horizontal a motion as possible - going in the direction the fabric has come from.  It should adjust with greater ease.

These tips aren’t an exclusive or exhaustive list - if you have a system or method that works for you (obviously, safely ;-) ), then awesome

Ring slings can be an awesome option for newborns all the way through to toddlers.  In the photos below, we have a full front carry, a hip carry and a hip carry with a shoulder flip & rings at the back.  

Back carries are possible too and there are several variations.

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed our little foray into ring slings together.

Are you considering a ring sling as your carrying option?  If you are, then yay!  Do you have any questions?  Ask us!  No-one knows our carriers better than we do! 

Have you already purchased a ring sling, and have a question about using it, or caring for it?  If you do, just ask!  Whether you purchased it from us or not, we love to help

Happy Ring Slinging!

Beth x

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