We support Sling Libraries and Consultants across the UK and Ireland, and have done for years.  To do this, we offer all Sling Libraries the option of purchasing any carrier or sling at wholesale cost (when ordered for you).  

For your library patrons, we offer lots - excellent customer service, a huge range of well-priced products, all of which are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, all presented on an easy to navigate and informative website.  We offer free and unlimited pre-sales and after-sales care, always from experienced and highly qualified consultants who genuinely care about your client and their baby carrying journey.

We also offer free expedited  shipping on every single order, every time - with RM24 Signed For.  All orders are shipped same day, or next day.  All of our packaging, as with everything we do, is thoughtful too - it's all eco, paper-based and completely reusable and recyclable.

As a bonus for your library and as an incentive to you to refer clients to us, we offer a referral scheme, whereby every time you refer a customer to us and they mention you at checkout, your library earns a LTBN Love Heart. For every 20 Love Hearts earned, you receive a free carrier up to the value of £50.  For every 25 Hearts earned, you receive a free carrier or sling to the value of £100. 

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