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Using A Sling - Buckle and Soft Carriers

Buckle Carriers

Soft Structured (or buckle) carriers are versatile and easy to learn.

Soft Structured (or buckle) carriers are versatile and easy to learn. The basic design is a front panel, a waist strap and two shoulder straps, all of which are adjustable to achieve a custom and comfortable fit.

Buckle and Soft Carriers are very supportive and baby can be worn on the front or back. It is probably the easiest carrier with which to achieve a back carry. Some buckle carriers like the Manduca and Boba 3G can be used from newborn, some like the Tula and Ergo can be used from newborn with the addition of an infant insert.

Buckle and soft carriers are great for nursing on the go. They are very supportive, easy to use and are available in a gorgeous selection of colours and prints.

Although most buckle carriers are relatively similar, they do differ in dimensions. Here's how they compare:

Boba 3G Baby Carrier: 38cm tall by 40cm wide.

Tula Baby Carrier: 39cm tall by 37cm wide.

Manduca Baby Carrier: 43cm tall (unzipped) by 32cm wide.

Ergo Baby Carrier: 37 cm tall by 35cm wide.

Tula Toddler Carrier: 45 cm (18") tall by 48cm (19") wide.

Soft carriers such as the Hoppediz Bondolino and Storchenwiege Baby Carrier are similar to buckle carriers in the way that they are worn. The Bondolino has a velcro waist fastening and the shoulder straps are the same style as Mei Tai straps. The Storchenwiege baby carrier is essentially 'half-buckle' - the waist has a buckle fastening and Mei Tai style straps.

Both are suitable from newborn onwards.

All these buckle carriers and soft carriers can be worn comfortably and securely on the front (with baby inwards), and back. Both the Manduca and Ergo can be used on the hip too.

Most people find buckle and soft carriers a great, easy-to-use unisex option.

All of the brands in store have been hand-picked and provide optimal ergonomic positioning for baby and excellent comfort for the wearer.

Happy babywearing!

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